Complete 12 Tasks in 12 Hours for an iPhone 12!! (APPLE iPhone 12 Pro CHALLENGE)

Datum objavljivanja: 7. Stu 2020.
Complete 12 tasks in 12 hours for a free iphone 12!! this apple iphone challenge was for a free iphone 12 pro max!
INSTAGRAM: Derek_Gerard
Jaspals Channel:
Joe (Editor): PyroJoe
TWITTER: Derekgerard
WAIT A MINUTE... People still read the description?!
well. if you are reading this... comment down below saying:
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  • Since when u put a apple is the fridge??????

  • Praise God 🙏🏾

  • Let ur mom decide what u eat 🥺

  • Can I have anything even iPhone 4🥺💔 I just want to feel the present good feeling I just see vids like this and even bigger gifts and I don’t even get 1 dollar😭😭💔

  • Dont dis percy Jackson until you read it

  • Beep boop beep beep boop boop I read the description

  • 4:10 I love eating apples from my plazdick bag😏

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  • I appreciate the Pokemon music

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  • daddy derek>pewdiepie

  • 18:56 booop

  • Why would they do so much for an iphone that is a really bad brand 🤮

  • u forgot to close the brackits on the title

  • Everybody is Talking about editor derek, but nobody gives complements to the New editor

  • Anyone else thinking he could've recycled the apple juice after?

  • @lucasroman

  • Sponsor him apple 📱💻⌚️🍎

  • THE EDITOR!!!!

  • give him a second chance

  • Derek just got off his construction job

  • give the editor a chance for once

  • I already have an iPhone 12 pro

  • From the top make it drop-

  • Legends can only notice he used the Pokemon fire red theme song 😂😂😂

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  • Give him another chance! 12k steps with while wearing weights 🤣

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  • Hmm 😔 I am jealous because I’m using an iPhone 6💀💀💀

  • Wheres mom?

  • I am 12 and I read Percy Jackson

  • I skipped back 60 seconds when he said it hasn't even been a minute yet

  • If it was a samsung s20 you wouldn't want to give it away

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  • He wasn’t supposed to win anyways

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  • Why was he wearing a cross guard vest in the intro

  • PART 2

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  • the way i freaked out when derek said harry potter and percy jackson LMFAO

  • Can we just realise that they replaced EDITOR DEREK With sponsor Derek.

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  • [emotional]

  • When are you going to Japan to film the vending machine challenge

  • He didn’t move his arm when he tried to get steps

  • I love your vids

  • OMG I have that Hoodiee!!!

  • *Sorry Derek* Is it just me or did Derek Gerard's channel just kinda die and not get as many views as he did before

  • I have no more videos to watch because I watched them all 😪😐

  • dont put apples in the fridge if you have sensitive teeth, or you can warm it up then you wont have a problem

  • Make him eat 5000 calories, adopt 1 dog form spca, buy a shoe with Spongebob on it,eat 5 pieces of chilli,buy a TV from the 1990s,do 500 sit ups, wash a car manually,give @darek Gerard a massage 💆 session for 30 Minutes, eat a slice of raw meat, take a shour 4x ,make a pizza at home,all has to be done under 15 hours 🔥 guarantee this will be a fun challenge. Pls do it.

  • Next video: Having a original video idea for 24 hours

  • Derek rlly needed those steps

  • I miss his old content (the non food challenge ones)

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  • Who remembers the "ancients" only ogs know

  • part 2? yes

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  • Imagine liking to get an iphone 12, i for sure am not.

  • 4:35 we dont eat with our mouth full ?

  • 4:40 we dont eat with our mouth full ?

  • If you didn’t know the watch doesn’t count every step I’ve learned that because the count on my watch and the count on my phone are different

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  • i miss 2019 derek.

  • Part 2 and his challenge is to eat 50 Big Macs

  • 4:48 hits different

  • I thought he was going to have to manually wash your car.

  • I like how Derek looked like a traffic cone

  • Part 2

  • give your editor a chance to win

  • I like that he is being honest that he can't afford Iphone to giveaway and not doing fake giveaways like others.

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  • Hi I love you're videos I laugh at EVERY one of them

  • The Pokémon music makes it so much better in the beginning

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  • Dude I haven’t watched your channel in a long time but I searched you up because you guys Are mad funny 😂🤣💯 damn good times good times

  • One challenge should be. Eat 1 McDonald’s salad

  • who else misses *Editor Derek* 🥺❤️

  • That's offensive to Percy Jackson fans, p.s read Percy Jackson it's good

  • Jaspal's Pokémon trick just say "Hubily Doobildy Dee I'm gonna catch 'em all if you don't listen to me I'm gonna have a wall"

  • This man has been on 2.05 million subs for forever.

  • Yessssssss make him bye a iPhone 11

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  • i have a pokémon card like that 😂😂

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  • What happened wasn’t he rich

  • Eat a kool aid pickle

  • Anyone going to talk about the tampon in his door 🤔

  • Why didn't I've got the notification when you posted even with notification bell on 🤔

  • Yes more challenges.

  • When he held the iphone 12 upside down at the start I just got triggered tho.