Dixie D'amelio Meal TASTE TEST! (Creating Celebrity Fast Food Meals)

Datum objavljivanja: 1. Stu 2020.
IM BACK!! Celebrity fast food meals that you didn't know existed! creating celebrity fast food meals with Dixie D'amelio in this Food Challenge!
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We have the BTS Meal, Dolan Twins Meal, David Dobrik Meal, Dua Lipa Meal, AND MORE!
WAIT A MINUTE... People still read the description?!
well. if you are reading this... comment down below with what your fast food meal would be!


  • OGs remember editor Derek, RIP. ✊😿

  • This was before COVID wow

  • This is when Dereks video started getting bad (not because of the new editor the editor is good)

  • What happened to the D-pad? Is that still a thing?

  • me

  • Look in the live chat... *politics*

  • The old videos were better cuz the editor Derek and Derek's coffee

  • unlike most people in the comments I actually enjoyed the editing, I do miss editor Derek, but that's no reason to hate on the new editor, so joe if your reading this good job!

  • i used to watch him when i was too young to know what the d squad means and i just reilised...

  • Dom


  • Don’t think I didn’t notice the Pokémon music in the background of the video lol. Specifically it seemed to be from gen 3, aka Ruby, Sapphire, or Emerald

  • Only og now's what car daddy taking about 🤷‍♂️

  • Hey it's me Dominic can I be in the Trap please

  • Is envy one else triggered 😤 after they made the gfuel without a shaker cup. No just me ok

  • BTS Bring The Sound

  • In Memory of Editor Derek

  • Only ogs remember destroying toys from toys r us.

  • Yup

  • The ogs remember editor Derek.. and Derek coffee like he’s still amazing but I miss it

  • BTS stands for bulletproof boy scouts

  • Wait I just came back after a year what happened to dereks coffee

  • ive been gone wheres his bald spot the apartment editor derek Derek's Coffe?

  • your mom hahahahahaha

  • Bring back editor derek

  • Only ogs remember when there were no og comments

  • #openmcdaddy

  • 13:41 🤣

  • That British accent tho

  • My brand new pants that I bought 2 yrs ago 😂🤣

  • I miss editor Derek

  • You sound like jaystation


  • Only the OG’s remember Derek’s Coffee and Editor Derek. Good times. 😢

  • Any BTS fans here

    • Right here. He said the wrong naming for what BTS stands for

  • No offense Joe but I liked when Derek edited

  • 6:21 that's what she said

  • 26:20 man I relate 😂

  • #dogoodgetdirreha

  • Rosana panseno

  • WAIT WHAT DID U DO TO EDITOR DEREK!!! (Side note now joe has to watch your cringe videos)

  • @jassidhu95

  • ive been watching your videos for 2 years now and i miss Editor Derek and Derek's Coffee you should bring back Derek's Coffee

  • Editor derek will be greatly missed...

  • Why are fast food joints so stingy on napkins and condiments?! Just toss a pile of napkins in there, Subway! It's always the messiest places that are the worst for giving their customers just a SINGLE napkin when you're probably going to need at least four. Oi!

  • i order a bacon mcdouble, 4 piece nuggets, medium fries and a mcflurry. to drink i get a sprite. yea im fat LOL

  • faze rug

  • derek has a ring

  • You gotta have milk with gfuel

  • Ik im late but do @badlandchugs

  • Is this regular water I don't want regular water I want diet water

  • Anyone else miss editor Derek who thought he was better

  • Wth where is dereks coffe and the old wish videos

  • I can answer the question there is 12 inches in a foot long

  • Why can’t Derek edit his own videos we need editor derek

  • Sheesh

  • You sould eat at long horn :)

  • Hi

  • Bts means The BangTown Boys

  • Heehee I’m bad as Michael Jackson


  • Papi curro 🤤

  • When he said bts i said BTS!!!!

  • Only og's remember fifa 14 after dentist

  • Ops remember

  • In California the cheese pizza cost 5 dollars and the pepperoni cost 5 dollars

  • I miss old derek😔

  • my meal starbucks ice coffee my meal starbucks ice coffee

  • At first I thought the DG on the front of the shirt stood for Derek Gerard 😂

  • how did a tf2 youtuber manage to become his editor

  • yay

  • I love how there was some Pokemon music in the background, took me a second to figure out which game its from, but I think that the soundtrack is from inside a Pokemon Center in Omega Ruby/Alpha Sapphire

  • Lil huddys meal comes with a black coffee and barbecue sauce

  • dereks meal

  • What happens to Derek's coffee I forgot but that was the good time... sad

  • sidemen

  • I think Derek really wanted to eat Dixie D’Amelio. He cheated on Rosanna

  • Only OG's Remember Derek's Content was better on 2018

  • He definitely likes Pokémon music xD

  • Billie eilish burger

  • NOOOOOO Editor Dereks Gone!😢😢😢

  • Make a part to and add slogo's favorite meal

  • Why are They so focking sus smh

  • i love the fact that jas still remembers about the porsche lmao

  • Derek pope and Derek Gerard 💣

  • If I ordered the Dolan twins off wish^^^

  • Pt 2 with Emma Watson

  • they’re weak if they complaining about the five guys burger

  • i find it hilarious that they’re shocked by the fries at five guys but that’s pretty much every single five guys in the world

  • The d squad lol more like big d squad 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂🤣🤣😂🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • well thats the blue one" me:bitch 0-0

  • 6:22 I love his meat

  • You should try the mcGangBang Get a mcdouble and a mcchicken and put the mcchicken into the middle of the mcdouble take off the bottom bun from the mcdouble btw enjoy

  • What happened to derek’s coffe😞

  • ✋👁👄👁🤚

  • Only Og's remember dereks beef with starbucks

  • No one: Jas: I love his meat

  • Go eat anything you want but you have to eat it with a random sauce

  • The Pokémon in the background 😂😂

  • Never thought I’d see the day... Derek Gerald drinking gfuel what a wonderful sight