GEOGUESSR Decides What I Eat for 24 HOURS! (International Travel Food Challenge)

Datum objavljivanja: 2. Vel 2021.
In todays GeoGuessr Battle Royale Challenge we are letting geoguessr decide what we eat for 24 hours! This is a 24 hour travel food challenge!
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Joe (Editor): PyroJoe
Shoutout to gabe_boney for the question!
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WAIT A MINUTE... People still read the description?!
well. if you are reading this... comment down below saying:
I wonder if he can find 2018 Derek on geoguessr


  • Jaspals first place is sooo close to where i live😅

  • Derek ate meat because dolma is rice and meat i think

  • I wonder if he can find 2018 Derek on geoguessr

  • The first food that you guys ate is greek just saying👍

  • Not dolmates it’s dolma

  • Is that a canadian thing to put a milkshake from mcdonalds In the same cup you would put a normal drink in

  • the falafal and the shawarma seems like my puke lmao

  • There is no ads

  • Jazz Paul looks like he just got out of jail lol h has a weird hair cut

  • 15;20 you forgot to bleep out the f word

  • Imagine him getting your food and instead of trying traditional Romanian food he buys bread 😩

  • Derek eating dolma with a fork and hummus. Its rice wrapped in a vine leaf. Its very good

  • Rice comes from rice plants grown underground

  • Only OG's remember the stupid annoying rat

  • Why does he have Dubai google maps open

  • @derek gerard what is your favorite moment with jas paul

  • ay ay santa barbara shout out

  • thats romanian bread is $0.50 in romania

  • AHHH IM FROM MISSOURI HE WAS TALKING ABOUT IT AT THE END LOL I don’t blame you for not knowing about it. It’s a niche state, really

  • Bro the uk isn’t just England

  • so just saying, Abu Dahbi and Dubai are both included in the united arab emarites

  • Yay im romanian

  • “I SAID NEW ZEALANDDDD” it’s on Australia tho...

  • i do that butter scrape thingy

  • derek im pissed at how you said shawarma cuz im arab its pronounced sha war ma not shwirma

  • Rice grows in the ground

  • I wonder if he can find 2018 Derek on geoguessr

  • dolmades -- ντολμαδες is a greek food


  • 2018 and some of 2017 derek was the best


  • the middle eastern food is called dolma and it is filled with rice and wrapped with grape leaves

  • Omg the middle eastern food looked so good

  • The GREEN one nooo it’s all about the black ice tree car sent I’m sorry

  • Do another one!!! Loved this!!!

  • you should do more of this derek plz

  • Only ogs remember when Derek exposed himself in a video Ill explain at 200 likes

  • rice comes from a rice plant which yes, is a real thing

  • I hate humus

  • Please do a part 2 to this challenge

  • No hate but: Milkshake= Made out of milk. Milk=From cow. animal product=not vegan

  • It’s rice g

  • The guy at the bakery sounds and acted so nice.

  • Mongolian bbq is delish

  • The green thing is called waranab

  • Lmao i guessed it before u guys jusy cuz of thr road and the round about

  • I forgot that Derek was in Canada 😭 for a be secound haha

  • you couldve gotten a mici si mustar from romania but you chose to get bread..

  • Started watching you 6 years ago man, still love the content!

  • Please bring back dereks coffee

  • I’m commenting to make Derek money


  • Ngl wanted them to eat from my country 🇬🇧

  • i scrape butter from the top too actually :P

  • I wonder if he could find 2018 Derek on GeoGuessr 🤔

  • wow!! that shake machine works in Canada. I know now where to go and get a mcdonald's shake

  • Rice comes from Asia and the Middle East.

  • I live in Surrey bc

  • your sister became a bigggg stoner

  • ورق عنب فلافل تبوله

  • I'm Arab

  • I live in dubai

  • I wonder if he can find 2018 Derek on geoguessr

  • The thing is called dolma, its grape leaves that has rice on the inside.

  • thats dolme its rice and grapes leaf

  • It is warei uresh the rols with the rise in it

  • It is akshly فلفل and I am from Lebanon and it is حمسyou bumy

  • Dang you really not getting views anymore huh

  • Do this again plz this video was so funny😂😂😂


  • ДЮНЕР!

  • Romania has a lot of villages that look old af

  • Should have gotten some sweat potato fries and a crab cake burger for dinner. Only cus I’m from vb...... do y’all have a cp shuckers?

  • The middle eastern food u didn't know what its called Its called rice stuffed grape leaves

  • 5:23 the thing you ate is called mahshe in the middle east It contains grape leaves and rice

  • I wonder if he can find 2018 Derek on geoguessr

  • 11:36

  • A rice plant

  • I also spread butter but also jam on my toast :)

  • The green leaves with rice is called dawali. And yes I am Arab

  • ok ok i cant be the only one who simped seeing dereks hands in 10:25

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  • Awesome videos sorry I’m sooo late

  • The things are dolma

  • Derek there were so many Romanian foods you could’ve tried, and you straight up went for the bread😂🤦🏻‍♀️ P.S. Try mici and sarmale next time. Those are really good.

  • I just got a momo add


  • L

  • We need more of this !!!!

  • 2:57 hold on... london drugs?

  • Derek McDonald’s fry’s has meat flavoring and natural meat like oil so they’re not vegetarian

  • Τα πρώτα εν κουπεπια ρε κουπεπει

  • Am i the only one that doesn’t like this new derek😐 i just want shed derek back😔

  • New video idea Eat grandmas ashes

  • At 16.17 why is he in an incognito tab ;)

  • For the last round I was looking at the houses and I was like it looks like I’ve seen those before, and I probably have bc I live in Delaware

  • I’m Lebanese and there called grape leaves but we make them different then normal ppl we use rice hamburger meet and tomatoes and spices

  • These green rolls are called (warg enab) ورق عنب

  • Santa Bárbara that’s where I’m from

  • Bruh why you guys so bias to americans