Giving RANDOM People FULL Control of my COMPUTER! (Quick Assist CHALLENGE)

Datum objavljivanja: 12. Kol 2020.
In this impossible challenge i am giving random people full control of my computer! i gave my credit card away in this 24 hour quick assist challenge!
INSTAGRAM: Derek_Gerard
TWITTER: Derekgerard
WAIT A MINUTE... People still read the description?!
well. if you are reading this... comment down below saying:
i want to be on part 2 so i can shoutout my channel


  • my favorite yt is Derek Gerard and ive been here since 1.15mil

  • Should’ve went on his sister only fans

  • Im gonna go out on a limb and say it was ashley

  • The people you chose are so dumb, if I was them, I would open apple and amazon and clothing stores instead of going on his twitter

  • My favorite youtuber is Derek Gerard.. my uncle told me about you when you had like 5000 subs bc he knew u


  • First comment of this month. ✔️

  • Hi dbbertijk ghrudde I have Ben subbed since 500

  • I actually tried to like with my elbow but I accidentally disliked...sorry Derek

  • my favourite youtuber is zepyxl or derek gerard

  • Been hire sence 10k derek

  • Why tf does he have a razer deathadder when he doesnt game?

  • Fortnite is stupid dead and gayy

  • Anyone know what is behind derek?

  • He was so pissed off, and so he should be.

  • Can have a feeling he spoke with the girl who nearly stole from his bank account (let’s face it. That’s what she would have done.)

  • i want to be on part two so i can make videos

  • Wow not a food video

  • I would have booked a trip lol

  • I was a fan of his since 30000 subs cus me and my cousin was taking the piss out of him but now I love him

  • If I got picked I would buy a fureal friend torch the dragon, I would go on eBay tho to find a cheaper one lol 💖

  • Derek

  • If I was the one who did it, trust em I would have spent a looooot on amazon lol

  • this video is good because its a derek gerard video but he blurred out 90% of the video

  • I'd probably just got myself some food and Rick roll a bunch of people

  • If I had the chance to do this I’d get a new iPhone. My iPhone 7 Plus is broken and won’t turn on.

  • My favorite youtuber is derek gerard

  • my favourite HRdownr is Derrick Gerrurd! Been here since 5k :)

  • Derek:go give the like botton a beating with your elbow Me:hmm ima take that seriously My mind:lol i wont get a like with my elbow what am i stupid Me:*hits like botton with elbow and somehow gets a like* My mind: ....

  • ;-;

  • dereks bold spot: im bold derek: what the fu#k

  • tictok

  • tic tok

  • 16:52 is that 6 digits....? I'm curious now..

  • Is it weird that Derek IS actually my favourite HRdownr?

  • My favorite HRdownr is pewdiepie

  • When i get the chance i will get canon samyang 135mm f2 lens and a h alpha filter

  • I woulda just gone on his channel and watched his first video😂

  • Commenting on every video till derek notices

  • My favorite HRdownr is Derek Gerard

  • I want to be in part 2 so I can shout out my channel 🙂

  • my favorite youtuber is dorik gerald

  • If I had full access for just 5 mintues, I would just spend it here. I would like a bunch of kpop mvs' for Derek to watch later, which he might not but it is worth a try. Then make him pin this comment so I can edit it later and have him subscribed to my channel. Also maybe comment on YT videos that I watch.

  • This is why some ideas! Aren’t Necessarily Good Ideas in The First Place... Please Don’t Do a Part 2...

  • derek when will you confess you like Rosanna pantsino dont know how to spell it well when will you tell her you like her

  • my favorite youtuber is gareckdik degrad

  • And also only REAL FANS remember the $buy buy buy$ challenge Edit: like if u remember that | V

  • You should do a part two it’s funny

  • When fan finds out how much money Derek has...

  • Fun fact : The oldest “your mom” joke was discovered on a 3,500 year old Babylonian tablet.

  • Derek can you bring back buy buy buy

  • My favorite HRdown is pewdiepie. Been here since 100k

  • you'd never want me to take control

  • Is the play button straight yet? Deborah Jaraud

  • I just ask my friend for help so we use Teamviewer

  • Was the 3rd person Ashley

    • Only real fans know who that is

  • debbbiuereki jurared ibe been athching your vid ince 300k but no joke i have

  • you cheating i was going to be so happy if she open your bank

  • I feel so sorry Derek

  • my favourite HRdownr is Derrick Gerrurd! Been here since 5k :)

  • Frankly the girl you let control your PC who tried to hack into your account and steal all your bank info should be reported to the poilice. That's not cool and she clearly was trying to get your information to get your money. :/ Especially if she was fighting you for control into your account.

  • cheater you said you cant stop them so you cheated

  • That was the funniest video I have seen in a while

  • No one: Scammers: 1:19 👁👄👁💧

  • Boy I’d be the one to make Derek broke af

  • 😂😂😂 I can't bruh

  • My favorite HRdownr is Debbckriud Jeurar.

  • Smoqk and you are my favorite

  • derek and KSI

  • My favorite HRdownr is pewdiepie

  • My favorite youtuber is Derek

  • my favorite HRdownr dickerrad gerad

  • Mu favourite HRdownr is Derek Gerard and I have been here since 25k

  • Bring back Derek's Toy review

  • Please do another one and lent me do it

  • Hey debbckriuad jeurar! I have been here since 200.000 thousand subscribers :)

  • Only real Derek Gerard fans remember the gta vids

  • part 22222 where is ittttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttt

  • I've been Watching/subscribered to Derek since he lived at his mother's house, he has made it far believe me, I'm proud of him.

  • Ngl it was kinda smart to dm Kiera. She super hot.

  • i mean, if this were me the first thing i would do would be to go to task manager and press disable device for his keyboard and mouse, and also stop the hdmi to his monitor so he doesnt know what im doing

  • My favourite youtuber is Jas Sidhu

  • My favorite HRdown is Derek Gerard

  • poopoo platter

  • I would have bought a vbucks a iPhone and ps5 pre order and yes sir as I was typing this he bought a psr lol

  • My favourite HRdownr is JJ Olantunji

  • NO THIS IS MY COMPUTER *Slams mouse*

  • Derek is still stuck on 2.05M

  • fan since 500k luv you Derek Gerard

  • fav youtuber is derreudbck gerrurüd i’ve been a fan since 692mil

  • i want to be in part 2 bc i wanna shout out my channel

  • fr tho ive been a fan since like 50k subs.

  • Where did his channel go?

  • Favorite youtuber Derek Gerard

  • Part 2

  • Part 2

  • Hmmm I wonder how much money he made In his lifetime 👁👄👁

  • My fav youtuber is deurecke juryreck

  • 926055

  • what happend to deark he hasent uploaded in a while.