He Didn’t Know We Were Playing For $10,000 *PRANK BACKFIRES*

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WAIT A MINUTE... People still read the description?!
well. if you are reading this... comment down below saying:
Derek isn't cheating he is just using strategy


  • Oooooo u got a girlfriend

  • Fun fact that girl was neila and je is as lonely as me

  • jaspals jump shot looks like he is trying to fly to starbucks

  • Derek isn't cheating he is just using strategy

  • 7:26 - 8:00 lmaooo

  • Derek your form is sht lol

  • don’t be shy Derek, show us you’re girlfriend 🥺😭

  • Wait I just realized that Derek gerard girlfriend is the editor pew pew


  • Derek is cheating not using strategy

  • Bro you fuckin need a hair cut

  • I miss old derek

  • Yo I’ve been looking for your channel for soo long and I finally found it 🤩

  • Fun fact he made more off this video then he gave jas paul

  • when derek went into jazes house i was wondering where is he. then i noticed he blended in the couch so good i couldn't see him lol

  • 5:59 lmao that gave me a 2018 laugh

  • Derek's hand has retired... congrats bro... its been since like 2015 bro... bro.. good

  • Just gonna point this out cause I like anime lmao. 3:35 todoroki shorts 😔 where can I get some?

  • He has a girl friend shocker

  • Please do the video letting myself choose what I eat for 24 hours

  • Do a part two of trash can

  • Jazz Paul more like jizz pual

  • Sense you like coffee so much, you should make a video of you putting coffee in every meal of the day! Not having coffee in each meal, dump the coffee in the meal!😈

  • Derek has changed since he got a girlfriend 😞

  • Nvm yo head band off

  • I just remembered your name and what’s happenin with your hair boi

  • U

  • Hiiii

  • ?

  • Derek is died

  • Who remembers when he did what fast food places as the best chicken sandwiches, nuggets, and burgers, also fries

  • I'm on my dads phone If I throw it I will get grounded Lol

  • Damm I can’t believe I’ve been watching you for 4 years now

  • When he said throw your phone i lightly threw it across the bed and then I realized I had a tablet and when it hit my knee I was like aw fuckk

  • can we talk about his hair for a second

  • Derek isn’t cheating he is using strategy

  • Mans channel ain't growing bro it's been like 4 months

  • He's probably dead

  • Bro it's been so long since I watched Derek lol I finally found his yt

  • What’s funny is how jazz Paul has never still got his Porsche

  • Destroy more toys

  • 1,000th comment

  • You should of been like "here you go, you lucky boy.. *slaps with the money envolope*

  • Who the fuck know he could play basketball or even run? 😂😂

  • Derek isn’t cheating he’s using strategy

  • How can I subscribe and like if I threw my phone across the room

  • remember when Derek Gerard used to "play" with the baby alives or what ever

  • I leave the channel for 4 years and this is what's happened from destroying 100 dollar toys and jizz inside kinder eggs to a food channel and pranks god he's gone downhill ooooooooffffffff

  • Only eating PIZZA for 24 hours PS: you can have coffee as your drink I don't wanna see you suffer

  • Plz don't go to Japan there is hachsackasma

  • how tall r they

  • video idea Doing everything backwards example: eat breakfast when you eat dinner normally

  • You should do only drinking coffee for 24 hours

  • BRING BACK TOY Destruction

  • Do a Derek only challenge

  • Hey derek next food video Watch ads for fast food and what ever is in them you have to eat

  • Do a “letting my girlfriend decide what I eat for 24 hours” *plus a face reveal *

  • Cut the hair wtf

  • Cut the hair

  • How does this video only have 8000 likes ?

  • Hi

  • Wait I stoped watching Derek Bc I couldn’t watch yt for a long time but he FINALLY GOT A GF?!?!

  • Views are really down

  • Hey derek where u been man u good please dont dissapear.

    • @Lilly oh i dont have insta i only have snap but its good to hear that he is ok and still posting.

    • he’s been posting on insta

  • Derek isn’t cheating he’s using strategies

  • Derek isn’t cheating he is just using strategy

  • You still owe him a Tesla remember?

  • I missed with him sweared! Lol

  • Bro Derek you don’t post that much anymore please just post more

  • why is derek not posting

  • Video Idea: Ordering the Most Expensive Thing on The Menu Like so Derek can See

  • The last time I’ve watched was in 2016 and I’m glad to see your doing good

  • New idea search on Google and let herc choose what u eat

  • Next Video idea is Letting Neela decide what Derek eat and drink for 24 hours.

  • Letting my dog decide what I eat for 24 hours but with herc now

  • 2:55 Ooo who dat be tho??

  • Derek isn't cheating he is just using strategy

  • I remember when this dude was you know. Fun to watch

  • You should do a one bite challenge where for every meal you have to fit it in one bite

  • Derek should do "only eating coryxkenshin spooky scary Sunday meals"

  • Derek getting that Trevor look

  • Your lay-up form is pricless 😂😂 Lmao

  • Your dog decides what you eat

  • Letting the basket ball decide what I eat for 24 hours this how it works if you hit 3 pointer you go to timmies if you hit a 2 you go to McDonald's. If you hit a full court you choose

  • guys make sure to subscribe to his youtube channel sooooooooo do it know

  • NEW VIDEO IDEA (from somebody else I saw) Let TV ads decide what you eat for 24 hours

  • l.daddyderrek

  • Derek: I'm gonna win this. Derek again: I lost.

  • did he finally get a girlfriend

  • Can you. Do part 2 of. 24 hours. Hiding with out no one noting

  • 😂🤣😂 hi

  • Btw umm i havent been here since 9 month's ago

  • Challenge: fire joe

  • ew you got a GF stay woke ✊✊🏻✊🏼✊🏽✊🏾✊🏿

  • This derick Geraldo guy is pretty funny

  • You should eat MRE/military food

  • Next Video Idea? Letting my dog pick what I eat for 24 hours part 2????

  • Do a challenge drinking coffe for 24 hours

  • He used to be so funny😭😭💃

  • Oh and buy Jaspals Porsche!!! 😂😂