*INSTANT REGRET* Pokemon Search and DESTROY CHALLENGE! (Shiny Charizard V)

Datum objavljivanja: 23. Sij 2021.
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Comment "Derek Gerard challenged you to do the search and destroy pokemon challenge!!"
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WAIT A MINUTE... People still read the description?!
well. if you are reading this... comment down below saying:
Dereks man bun will make him win this challenge


  • Do a challenge where you have to only eat colored food again

  • Dereks man buns will make him win this challenge

  • Dereks man bun will make him win this challenge

  • I love this channel

  • The ratio between subscribers and views is sad

  • Now I see why Derek doesn't like Jazpaul lol Note: this is a joke

  • Editor Derek nahhhhhh editor Joe Me: Joe who? Joe daddy left u Me: ;-; dam

  • I love how Derek says "they get some free cards" yet he proceeds to cover the code with his finger, or its blurry.

  • I don't know if i can watch this. I'm triggered so hard right now D:


  • You are so uneducated because Diego maradona passed away and called him boring how dare you Are so stupid

  • Is it bad that the only reason I know of Randolph (Pokémon) is because of the sidemen

  • Do you say shiny or shining?

  • why i jas pal so stupid he i about to cut a shiny charazard v

  • New video idea Eat grandmas ashes

  • dereks man bun will make him win the challenge

  • I bet no one got the first code card

  • The bun has to go 😳🤣

  • 0:33 someone’s been watching dream :D

  • Idea: Derek plays Friday night funkin’ and if he looses insta DMs chooses what he eats! (Hard mode!)

  • this is painful

  • Rip Pidgeot , Scyther, Zamazenta Gold card and rainbow charizard.

  • You almost never do non-food related videos so the first mintue of the vid i was thinking how this relates to food. Great vid! Keep it up!

  • He showed a rare when he said normal common cards lol

  • Who plays pokémon cards in 2021

  • I'm crying

  • Big up Randolph

  • F

  • 97% with 2 million subscirbers thats crazy

  • This is not hate towards him, but his content nowadays is just boring. It's only food and stuff. It's nothing fun Like his toy reviews and stuff way back in 2017. I wish for the old him to come back content wise. He's gotten better as a person, but his content is just low quality stuff. I like Derek, but jesus, Man.

  • i’m concerned what i watched when i was little

  • i don't collect or watch Pokemon but cutting up those cards hurt my heart

  • Ayyy wasn't derek at 2.5 million subscribers

  • Bro I used to watch your videos but come on you have to improve your content like the old days now its mostly eating videos tbh.

  • hey derek wy dont you do a vídeo wiht jaspul pls doo 24 hours eating mcdonalds ps pls cheat

  • Hi Derek I was a fan when you had about 1mil I've recently come back to your channel New Video Idea: I Only Ate Minecraft Foods For 24 Hours But with Modpacks

  • I’m so proud and amazed by how much you’ve grown since I’ve first started watching you!!! It’s been an amazing ride and I love how it never changed you!

  • Derek’s Man Bun Will Make Him Win This Challenge

  • Wait did that say 3 percent are subscribed

  • I hate modern darek but he’s getting better 👍

  • Bro I remember watching this man when he only did Eating what the person in-front of me ordered

  • jaspual got the same hoodie as me

  • Hey Derek i told my mom that was sick. But you know its just.an excuse to watch more derek gerard. Amazing content.

  • derek has lost a lot of subs he used to have 2.05 for like more than 8 months and is now 2.04 i feel bad🥺😢

  • Darek new video idea ONLY EATING RAMEN NOODLES FOR 24 HOURS

  • Pfff I play REAL Search and destroy at school i won because no one defused the bomb at A

  • Missed your videos. Hope you’re doing well 👍

  • Derek Gerard challenged you to do the search and destroy pokemon challenge!

  • Dereks man bun will make him win this challenge

  • this is the most triggering video i've ever seen

  • Remember when Derek did holiday kinder egg videos?

  • He fell off so bad

  • video idea only drinking and eating coffee related food

  • Guys he lost subscribers

  • I miss herc where is he???

  • Dereks man bun will make him win this challenge

  • Derek ur vids aren't %eating that much views q tip from me do more food challenges for 24 hours videos

  • a little

  • Anyone else miss Editor Derek? Not saying Joe does a bad job, I just personally like Derek's style of editing. I feel like it is more comedic. Joe is doing a good job though.

  • ***NEXT VIDEO*** Eating for whole day using Gordon Ramsay's recipes

  • ***NEXT VIDEO*** Eating for whole day using Gordon Ramsay's recipes

  • Video idea: derek trying to find a gf for 24 hours

    • derek already has a gf...

  • I’ve never seen two pretty best friends

    • Are they pretty this is my first time knowing

  • Will we ever get a wish video? 😔


  • Play Friday night funkin and the score you get is the amount of calories you eat

  • Dude are you following your sister bro, wtf has gone to her head bro she fcking smoking w!ed and has an onlyfans

  • Video ideas -DIY shots again -Redo the fast food Olympics -Anything that isn't a 24 hour challenge

  • Next video Wendy's for 24 hours

  • bruh Derek lost subs he was at 2.05 mil now hes at 2.04 mil

  • i like how noone can get these codes couse they are bad at showing them lol.

  • I feel like derek has a sad vibe recently. I hope he's okay.

  • Derek man bun will help him win the challage

  • If you do part 2 you should add a shuffle life line where you can mix the position of your board I think it make it more interesting

  • Video idea You should do you "letting hercules decide what I eat" How it works put a good food and a bad food at least 1 foot away and let hercules go to the food and witch ever one he goes to you have to eat it

  • Derek deserves some kind of punishment. He sentenced a monke to hell. 13:16

  • This channel is dying 😔

    • I'm concerned too :( his old videos in 2018 were so fun to watch

  • hrdown.info/block/video/w51qarSmqa5nmrs

  • Video idea: Letting good that gives you the runs decide what you eat

  • Only eating McDonald's

  • Dafuq? Ya look like 40s Mid Life Crisis Mixed With Mao Zedong with a tint of sadness.

  • Jasido95!!!!!!!👀👀👀👀

  • Canada Starbucks vs u.s. Starbucks

  • Derek you should go to Finland i went there and they Have awesome foods

  • 50k Views WTF HRdown????????????????????????????????

  • Would say Derek’s man bun would make him win this, but if you know, you know...

  • Glad to be part of the 3% that are subscribed

  • We want editor derek back!

  • I hate watching Derek sad or suffering

  • hrdown.info/block/video/1oSJoMiNe9R-h9k

  • Eat one thing for the hole week

  • That hurt

  • Not to be offensive to people but i dont like pokemon anyone else?

  • video idea: only eating things that can spell my name Derek for 24 hours (only Derek and not Gerard that would be hard i think and not the brand but the entire cup/package/container/etc the letters on the thing count)

  • Derek, rather than destroying the card, why not send it to a lucky subscriber, doing it through a raffle, because that way you would still lose it whilst making someone else happy rather than purely destroying something and loosing everything.

  • A video idea: “Among us choose what I eat for 24 hours” ( I think it would be fun )

  • Only eating Starbucks for 24 hours

  • Derek you should only eat want you like for 24 hours

  • I miss the old Derrek edits

  • Wheres the food videos....pls