Letting a BOARD GAME Decide What I Eat for 24 Hours! (FOOD CHALLENGE)

Datum objavljivanja: 19. Lip 2020.
In todays video i am letting a board game decide what i eat for 24 hours! This 24 hour food challenge is only eating what a board game decides for a day.
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Game Board: imgur.com/a/MHpZA5u

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WAIT A MINUTE... People still read the description?!
well. if you are reading this... comment down below saying:
Board Games?.... more like i'm BORED of these games that Derpal be playing.


  • 2:14 ayo

  • That was a d20 not a d 12 you could see the fricking 16 on the side of the die

  • Lol

  • (ง'̀-'́)ง

  • Derek just makes it worse for him in this part 20:30

  • foo

  • Rip jazz Paul’s Paul’s asshole

  • Board Games?.... more like i'm BORED of these games that Derpal be playing.

  • There is a silver line...it’s gold...what color is it now...I DONT LIKE THAT COLOR (red) Literally wearing the color red

  • We actually saw a grown man cry

  • This dude put ketchup on a grilled cheese sandwich..................I'm seeing some serious herise hear

  • Board Games?.... more like i'm BORED of these games that Derpal be playing.

  • hah-lah-peen-yoh


  • Whos gona tell him about the no hands ??

  • And the end the ice cream green one is green tea and green tea bean

  • Bacon on a beyond burger

  • God bless ❤️

  • 15:51 when a you see a couple

  • Was it just me or when they open the coffee i smelled it right oway

  • Is jaz Paul from london like Ontario?

  • 22:34 it is red bean in a green tea popsicle

  • Gangsta doge

  • Yo we gonna shoot up the furry convention

  • Board Games?.... more like I'm BORED of these games that Derpal be playing.

  • I genuinely enjoyed this video. I love when u guys are together

  • Rip coffee

  • The meat teen burger

  • Ye

  • Board Games?.... more like i'm BORED of these games that Derpal be playing.

  • Shit

  • Anyone think that jas Paul has the same face as his old bud pass picture

  • F in the chat for the coffee

  • Pig

  • Derek the no sauce for you was a catch a picture so you can have all the sauces you want but just not catch up so it’s technically you can have challa catch up

  • Do they play D&D? Theres a d20 and d6 on the table 1:06

  • now i cant stop sayinng iTs PrEtTy GoOd

  • Derek, donuts have yeast, and yeast is bad for dogs

  • Board Games?.... More like im bored of all these games Derpal be playing.

  • Thats Bean paste..

  • Blueberry

  • If you like sauce,coffee and diarrhea this is the channel for you recommended

  • I was praying 🙏🏽 that jas to get t and t and he got it yeeeeeeees

  • Not gunna lie it tastes pretty good he says

  • 10:01

  • when someone gets high 11:18 (talking about derek)

  • Who wants to pop jaspals pimple popped 😣


  • Jas Paul u are rong it is the other way around

  • I went to see the preview of the video and I just saw jaspual massive pimple

  • Bruh, we’ve been waiting for like 2 years for part 3 of the treasure chest.

  • Hc-hot chocolate Hc-hot coffee

  • I lowkey miss his old vids

  • That froot loop donut looked Fing delicious

  • Derek: What did the outside taste like? Jas: GrEeN

  • Too sad

  • Det var inte heller så är jag inte att du inte vill att du är en ny tid

  • When he hit that fruit loop donut his face looked like a llama 😂😂😂

  • can i have it

  • Btw I live in United States California and at McDonald’s a double double is a burger with 2 meats and 2 cheeses 😂😂

  • Are they gay not to be rude I just want to know

  • He shows his earbuds but have air pods in the back round

  • Let the godfather test it

  • Wait wait

  • Had me dead 10:01

  • Imagine if you landed on no coffee but.. you had to go to Starbucks.

  • How did that taste? *G R E E N*

  • Im stuck in the toilet bcz i have dihhrea.... having fun watching this

  • so uh fun fact dame mens no in japanese

  • Hi

  • Woahhh, Jaspal’s crying at 21:56 sounds exactly like Morty from the film Madagascar 😂😂😂

  • Sometimes I think that Derek is gay

  • rip for jas pual he always looses and get t and t

  • Dreck already lost he was not suppose to use his hands

  • Wait you falled the challenge because you in the video at first you choose that you have to eat without hands

  • It’s green tea and red bean

  • I long ass bananas

  • Anyone see harry styles in the a background😏

  • you HAvE tO EAt yOUr PaTAsIUm

  • Commenting on every video till derek notices

  • DoNt BrEaK mY sAlAd 🤔🤔🤔

  • you could've gotten crazy bread i-

  • 9:52 wizzard of odzz?

  • Lol ur vids are so obviously scripted like you predict everything

  • Hmmmm sauce boss ok what does it mean if IM AM THE KETCHUP KING. THATS WHAT THEY COULD BE IN SCHOOL

  • Board? More like I’m bored of the games that derpal play

  • 11:19 time to whip out the hog

  • “It actually taste pretty good” that’s gonna turn into meme

  • i hate jass

  • Wth red bean is good :(

  • Derek : Like the video because I landed on it 680,407 people : i don’t follow the rules boi People who don’t have a HRdown account : *mike bruh face*

  • when is japan

  • banana

  • hc also stands for hot coffe, haha he thinks we can be outsmarted

  • "I'm calling upon the lord" *Felix enters the chat*

  • Keep it up love this content mate, can u make a part 2?

  • 2:16 every Disney character when somebody purposes to them

  • Did he really use a picture of pewds as god 😂

  • The green tea and red bean ice cream looks good no cap

  • 22:34 thats adzuki bean bro, if youve never had it, youre probably not going to like it when you try it for the first time