Letting a DICE Decide How Many BITES We Take for 24 HOURS! (FOOD CHALLENGE)

Datum objavljivanja: 10. Lip 2020.
Today we are letting a dice decide how many bites we take for 24 hours! this 24 hour food challenge was letting a dice decide what i eat for 24 hours.
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WAIT A MINUTE... People still read the description?!
well. if you are reading this... comment down below saying:
What if Jaspal got a 6.. and Derek got a 9...


  • Shove that cookie

  • I won't even dare to watch this near my parents

  • Me when i hurt my head when i was 4 years old 17:04

  • U guys are wasting good food n I can eat that right now n u guys are wasting it thats a big sin

  • Next you should eat as much people last went to your boy band concert

  • And that’s the face of a sane man

  • 9:43 😂😂😂😂😂

  • I haven’t watched this channel in a few months and I come back and I can’t tell if they’re together or not someone please explain XD

  • Who else is eating while watching

  • Derek:This is my 16th bite Also Derek: Alright this is my 15th bite Also Also Derek: Ok This is my 14th bite


  • 17:04 this man sound like and opera singer

  • I can’t even here what your saying

  • tbh id cheat the system on the cookie one and just shove it in my mouth, and its 1 bite

  • Y’all like him in pain when he eats meat and then has diarrhea y’all just love to see him in pain

  • Are you two dating?


  • Me: *folds burger*

  • Bruh they over react too much

  • Those eggs you supposed to cook it

  • Idea: Dice decides how many minutes to eat a meal

  • 0:36

  • 0:38 what that mouth do though

  • Okay all of this sounds wrong

  • Shove that cookie


  • 14:10 he knows that there is something called pescatarians which basically mean your vegetarian but you can eat fish

  • They are kinda dumb they can just break it into segments and eat it easier

  • 19:10 he look like a fish 😂

  • What is Derrek got 6 and Mac daddy got 9

  • 18:54 his eyes

  • 17:04 this dude sound like an opera singer😂😂

  • Hry yoi soukd do a est vhalleng

  • They should eat the marinated eggs with Ramen. Thats what they're meant for.

  • I’m dying 🤣😂🤣 12:28

  • Jasballs

  • Can someone tell me why they act so Gay lol

  • No offence but u look like a gay couple

  • SHOVE! THAT! COOKIE!!!!!!! ReEeEeESEREErrreeer

  • *matt stonie has entered the chat*

  • It’s “me” Me: the mouth....?

  • the ending spoiled mcdonalds for me for 4 months

  • Praise God

  • the milk at 9:23 is Russian milk

  • derek meals i s better

  • What if has had a 6...derek had a 9

  • Click Bait

  • 3:41 the person watching was like wtf is wrong with this guy

  • The chick in the car next to you lol

  • Who else loves when derek tortures himself


  • Jazpaul looked scared when he smelt the seaweed

  • E

  • Why didn’t he just take on looooooong sip or a huge bite

  • uhnnnnn....... derik are you gay!!!???

  • Ewww

  • F

  • Are you gay

  • Do you don't feed your dog

  • Netflix: are you still watching Someone’s daughter: 19:09

  • This guy is falling off

  • We love seeing them in pain

  • What breed is Herk

  • 18:10 ummmmm Derek replay it 5 seconds back

  • I just subscribed and then saw his nose piercing and then unsubscribed

  • 1:32 As an NBA fan I’m literally this: 🤦🏻‍♀️

  • They make 20 sided dice...

  • December squad?

  • Shove that cooking

  • Omg my brothers comment is in this vid

  • Your thumbnail game is weak....

  • Derek: 16:11 The neighbors: um chile anyways soooo

  • Shove that cookie

  • Chug That Cookie!!!!!

  • 0:13

  • 19:30 I don’t think that’s allowed on HRdown

  • Bro marinaded eggs are actually good tho, they’re like barbecue boiled eggs

  • Shove That Cookie

  • I think Jas has ruined my McDonald’s addiction

  • Not me high fiving Derek 😳😳

  • All I have to say at the end 🤢🤢🤢🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮

  • I feel bad for him rolling for 2 :( If you don’t care press read more You are careless and you will never have a good life

  • 16:11 close your eyes

  • I can't smell so i cant smell the ocean

  • You bet your booty we should get desert 😂😂

  • Don’t press read more Told you

  • Well you can’t say he ate his Big Mac after 😂😂😂

  • Talk about the smell well I’m taking a shit so I guess it smells like shit?

  • Jas had to improvise for dinner

  • Why does Derek choose gross food from tnt like there's so many great tasting drinks and food but he buys the weirdest and grossest thing

  • What that mouth do doe 😂😂😂😂

  • @Jassidhu95


  • Am I the only one who sees at like around 16:10 they are eating dinner at 2:30 ?

  • The first 5 minutes shows why they don’t have girlfriends

  • Shove that cookie

  • New video idea: letting rosanna pansino choose what i eat for 24h. Like so Derek sees

  • when derek pulled out the safe way bag i was like "oh no tnt..." *pulls out tnt out of the bag* me: *laughs*

  • SHOVE THAT COOKIE?!?!?!?!?

  • Gt