Letting Every Girl I’ve Had a Crush on Decide What I Eat for 24 Hours! (Sending a Quiz To My Crush)

Datum objavljivanja: 14. Srp 2020.
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In this video i am letting every girl i’ve had a crush on decide what i eat for 24 hours! This 24 hour food challenge was me sending a quiz to every girl ive had a crush on. I am letting strangers decide what i eat for 24 hours in this impossible food challenge.
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WAIT A MINUTE... People still read the description?!
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    • Lol

    • We need part 2 we know you have crush on like 70 different people

    • Derek I am vegetarian too but not on choice I have a problem

    • 3:54 nice joke there derek I love it

    • What was the survey thingy called

  • Will you marry me? I'm an alcoholic

  • I just realized jas paul was wearing a stranger things shirt

  • BRUH , Banger

  • I'm eating a homemade burger and water

  • i don’t like him anymore

  • I mean if you really want a gf I’m taking open applications right now and I’m willing to move 🤔

  • 17:56 for yall that dont wanna pause it lol



  • That sucks I’m just drinking a coffee and eating a McDonald’s egg muffin

  • He’s back!!”

  • Lol Funny Moments 24 Hours Challenge Eating Buying Water Bottle 8:54 And 8:56 And 20:00

  • 3:19 Same = D

  • Derek is a perv kissing a girl on the shoulder

  • I love how he put trump on the bad side of personality

  • I love how he put trump on the bad side of personality

  • ✨Derek has a pansexual ice cream✨ 1:13

  • 5:43

  • I see a pink, yellow, and blue popsical in the exact order of the pansexual flag in the background... 🏳️‍🌈

  • I want apple cider now

  • Isn't it funny how we will never see that guy in the window ever again lol

  • At 15:48 if you look closely there is someone U see in the window omg no one noticed

  • I used my $5 on my god dam girl that stole it from me

  • HES BACK!!!

  • 24 hour night time challenge

  • the pan popsicle in the back

  • 1:09 yo derek got that pansexual popsicle in the back 😳 Derek wassup wit it?

  • who got a ad from netflix to all the boys ive loved ?

  • Derek talking about his crushes cursing/swearing/cussing Him: f*ck, f*ck, and f*cking f*ck

  • isnt your sisters name shila..?

  • 9:38 the disappointment in the guy in the background eyes

  • He could’ve had a girlfriend. But he never made a damn move

  • No thoughts only pansexual popsicle int the beginning infrot of the play button

  • HES BACK!!!


  • derek. u. r. so. 😻-

  • Here is interesting challenge it is called the deja vu challenge for an entire week you have to chose a day to repeat for that entire week you have to eat the same food and talk to the same people and go to the same places you went to.

  • Derek is dumb he could have dated any of the people who said they liked him unless they were assholes and knew it was going to be recorded and said they still liked him


  • U gay?

  • IM THE 666,666 View

  • derek: this looks like diahrrea me actually having diahrrea: 👁👄👁

  • Jbasha


  • Actually a caf has around 500 mg of caffeine and a decaf 125mg of caffeine

  • 6:15 I can't help but notice the pansexual pride flag colored popsicle in the background of this section-

  • I’m eating with you

  • Any girl with the name Ashley is confusing and selfish

  • My dog has the same toy in your sponncer lol

  • Y his nails look weird?

  • Poor dude

  • I am eating Fry’s and Drinking milk

  • 5:44 weed

  • Hi i am a big fan 🤥😂🤣😂🤣😱🤣🤣jk

  • 15:49 tf is that??


  • There some girl that liked u but... you still single.

  • Who kisses people on the shoulder

  • Can someone link a video with derek that doesn’t have food in it

  • ngl trump is hotter than you

  • ngl trump is hotter than you

  • CrUsH mY kIsS?

  • Where's rossana pansini

  • and you still get demonetized smh lol

  • lol at 0:59 it say how did we meet and it says at micdicks

  • Glasses giving me Harry Potter vibes

  • When he said sheala I thought he said Nella I was was Alabama time

  • How is Derek’s mic better than editor dereks?

  • Don’t worry I’m eating w u I’m eating popcorn and water

  • I saw the person walk past the car the first time and I really wanted to see if editor Derek was gonna catch

  • Derek forgot that your supposed to kiss them on head

  • HES BACK!!!

  • how els thinks he shold start talking to risy or howener you spell her name

  • Where you can use this quiz?

  • Its not lettuce it the happy plant

  • HES BACK!!!

  • Me: *sees derek wearing glasses* HOLY CRAP DID I JUST BECOME STRAIT AGAIN

  • Did anybody see the pansexual popsicle in the background

  • Mmbyeee

  • He’s back

  • i’m eating mac and cheese while watching this :3

  • Bro Derek was a player

  • Me hearing Ashley: 👁👄👁 ***og viewer joke***

  • F

  • when j saw that mullet i looked in the mirror and cried. WITH LAUGHTER CUS I HAVE A POMPADOR.

  • Yo one of your crush was my sister

  • Start drinking coffee before the video

  • my 8th rejection look im the master at it well it was a different answer im not ready to date so it would of been a yes that made me happy

  • When the punch effect my tv shook

  • HES BACK!!

  • Pack it up ashley 💀 🤢

  • ashley def a treesh who either peeked in hs or opened her legs to everyone in college and highschool

  • 0:23 WOW WTF IS THat popsicle pink yellow and blue hmm that’s sus? Don’t you think guys?

  • HES BACK!!!

  • "I really hope your eating with me during this video" Me: Uhm, well uh.....I'm eating air?

  • It sad how your dog is bigger than my pp

  • Stalker


  • Bruh i literally cryed my ass off on the high school picture