Letting Pokemon Cards Decide How Much I Spend for 24 Hours! (FOOD CHALLENGE)

Datum objavljivanja: 14. Stu 2020.
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In this pokemon card challenge we are letting pokemon card packs decide how much i spend for 24 hours! this pokemon food challenge is a 24 hour food challenge with rare pokemon card pack openings.
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WAIT A MINUTE... People still read the description?!
well. if you are reading this... comment down below saying:
i can't believe Derek got the blue eyes white dragon!


  • 15:24

  • oooohhh coconut chocolate

  • #liar derrick

  • You could’ve just got a five dollar pizza at Little Caesars

  • i cant believe Derek got the blue eyes white dragon!

  • vid idea: eating serial killers last meals

  • Who like York’s chocolate!

  • ;-; after searching about the alolan raichu it says its about 59 cents xd so derek could of had nothing for breakfast

  • Isn't a Bounty a almond joy in America

  • Yugioh next

  • Sass a Ff

  • That Mickey thing was literally $100 dollars😂

  • In America u can get a stake ate doller tree

  • How do people enjoy this whiny ass dude don’t even get me started on ole Paul they only cry and whine about everything how is it enjoyable if he just acted normal he would be so much more enjoyable too watch like when he is chill on other people’s channels

  • Couldn't Derek have just gone and got both the bars and eat half of each so it'd be .50 total?

  • You could get 2 mcdoubles or mc chickens and a fry, also a water

  • I wanna know if that Charizard actually real

  • Me opens bunch of packs and he opens five and gets charzard max

  • Saskatoon berries by themselves are great with pancakes or waffles

  • Yo I’ve been watching Your videos since elementary and now I’m in high school

  • my fav chocolate bar is bounty

  • Boost chocolate is the best nothing beats it

  • 3:18 look at his right hand from our angle...

  • I like 2499

  • I swear every editor is called joe

  • Derek: not a Pokémon collector pulling charizard vmax and eating with it Me a Pokémon collector:😭😭😭😭

  • Does anybody tell Derek that the best card in the site is a rainbow rare version

  • i would do lemon cream

  • 8:38 I like the other sound where Micky went “oh no” 😂

  • 2021 Derek exists now 🙃

  • You can post that bite of chocolate on the internet to see how much Derek is worth

  • I agree with the bounty bar being good

  • Eew

  • You shouldve got a wendys 4 for 4

  • Bru you were looking at the first edition lol that’s why they that much

  • i dont get why derek gets stuff he doesnt like

  • #liarderek

  • He picked the pack I pressed on

  • 2020 Derek is my favorite Lol 😹

  • 3090 Derek

  • I miss the 2021 Derek

  • Derek: ,,I'm not gonna drink the sauce,, Ten seconds later ,,SLUUUUURRRRPP,,

  • 619 dislikes Rey mysterio

  • I miss 2019 dearik when he would post every day

  • MEGA SLOW BRO USED disappointment

  • #lairderek

  • Hey Derek how much did they pay you to make a lol doll ad lol

  • I have a $200+ Pikachu card

  • Who's watching in 2021?

  • derekm smeels bad

  • When I was younger I had a $300 mega charizard EX and my brothers friend stole it

  • i miss the 2020 derek

  • Anyone els remember when he had barely gotten the dog and he was trying to change the water and food and woke up the dog cuz he tripped over the cage

  • I subscribed

  • Bounty is like the of brand of a almond joy

  • You can tell the caffeine kicked in at 20:00 for him jfc

  • I cant believe derek got the blue eyes white dragon

  • In the first pack had an ultra beast

  • Cherry caramel or mint

  • It was painful watching him throw the Guzma aside like it was nothing

  • Resees is my #1


  • 1818 Derek

  • This is like the next morgz


  • I just realized I have hundreds of dollars in my 300 pokemon cards

  • i want 1776 derek

  • 3:19 DAMN the middle finger hit different

  • he didn,'t count shipping

  • I opened 36 packs of darkness and blaze and did not get the charizard vmax and he get it in 1 pack!!!

  • I’m here in 2021 and I’m loving 2021 Derek

  • Bro my guy got a ultra beast

    • And a alola vulpix

    • 2 of them

  • this is why everybody hates 2020 derek 15:23

  • You can’t go off graded cards

  • Derek the Guzma trainer card you pulled is worth 5 dollars

  • When he was sitting and swearing in his car in the first 6 minutes I was like Dude your windows open XD

  • Derek im pretty sure there is not a sick bastard in your fanbase that would eat a chocolate that you bite in to ... you are 26 year old man addicted to coffee which is opening up pokemon cards for 26 mins and 24 secs

  • I miss 1299 derek gerand

  • Derek did not know that Guzma has like a 4$ worth

  • I feel like thats capp

  • Derek:He will eat anything Herc:Eats the Pokémon card

  • Can we have 1897 Derek back?

  • How about the kitkat? U said that was ur2nd fav?

  • Its so obvious this is staged

  • #lairderick

  • Bro I live in America and those bounty SLAPS

  • You could get a pizza for 5 dollars sooo

  • im in 2047

  • Who the hell keeps a slow bro just in his pocket 😂😂

  • I wish we can have 1555 Derek rip we lost a true legend


  • Why would he go to dollaroma or however you spell it and not to fast food

    • He could've gotten a salad for cheap too

  • When he ate that hummus his face went from: 😃 to 😒

  • I beg for you

  • Holy

  • Bruh 13 000

  • Holy shit

  • Almond joy is better

  • 1982 Version was the best

  • Lol imagine he gets a charzard so he has to pay 300000 for 1 day this guy going to the most expensive restaurant everyday