Datum objavljivanja: 3. Lip 2020.
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Todays video we are letting puzzles decide what i eat for 24 hours! this only eating puzzles video is a puzzle challenge! make the puzzle and eat the food.

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WAIT A MINUTE... People still read the description?!
well. if you are reading this... comment down below saying:
He should've made a puzzle with Rosanna Pansino on it.


  • Chocolate. I’m eating chocolate.

  • Everyone:he eats a lot Me: wondering why he has a tooth that is black in the thumbnail

  • Eating a egg rap

  • FLAN

  • im black and stop being nasty

  • HRdown's Text Be Like: 6:13

  • Video idea: Eat serial killers last meals

  • Daddy sauce

  • weed is legal in canada i’m moving

  • Next video eating only what subs decide for 24 hours to do that they need to have subed like so derek can see

  • That purple kush in my life 😂😂

  • Can Derek go back to the shed for one video

  • arw you talking about manga sauce or condiment sauce

  • There was a bugger dripping from his nose 😆 9:54

  • Iced coffee! (I know, you don't EAT coffee).

  • Eating welches!

  • Hi-

  • At 13:25 did you notice that there was 10 seconds left just look in the bottom right corner

  • I watch this video upside down so i have to dislike

  • eating a phhhat grilled cheese

  • you should be mr.sauce

  • He should have made a puzzle with Rosanna Pansino on it.

  • You should do a challenge were you have to spend 24 hours in lockdown with jaspual last to leave wins

  • hes name should be sauce daddy

  • It was not age restricted

  • He should have made a puzzle and put rosanna pansino

  • Your new name should be daddy sauce

  • 0:00 I’m eating ramen

  • Ronald Mcdonald

  • hmm 999 dislikes.. do I be the 1000th? nah

  • am the 1k unliker lol

  • i got 1000th dislike

  • Popsicle

  • Doritos

  • Grilled chese

  • He Definitely ran out of ideas this time

  • He should've made a puzzle with Rosanna Pansino on it.

  • meatballs...

  • I am eating a muffin

  • Derek: I'm so ready to eat breakfast cause I never get good stuff on this channel! Literally 5 seconds later he's complaining about one of his favorite things tom Hortons breakfast burrito. Me: listening to him complain like god be thankful! Like if you agree


  • The Sauce lord

  • you can call urself coffee boss

  • Jaspals face is sooo cute at 16:35

  • Cheez its

  • Pls do eating serial killer last meal

  • Nothing

  • Cheesecake

  • The science sauce

  • see derek you cant even get a burrito wet lol

  • Commenting on every video till derek notices

  • Sauce mause

  • He should've made a puzzle with Jas Sidhu on it.

  • I’m eating a sandwich

  • I’m eating pumpkin pie

  • I'm eating fries for 24 hours

  • Wet more like WAP


  • Answering the question at the start of the video: I’m having ice tea and peanut butter sandwich

  • im still waiting for destroying toy videos to come back

  • Grilled cheese

  • lizzysharer

  • ‘eating serial killers last meals for 24 hours’ PLSSSDFWIEJWUDE

    • ive seen loads of comments like that ik but i rlly wanna see it😂

  • Egg and sausage rol

  • Chocolate milk

  • 𝗧𝗼𝗮𝘀𝘁

  • M and ms

  • Hopefully we can make a video together

  • I'm eating Doritos cheese supreme

  • Science saucer

  • Sike my pee peee

  • Mr Sauce

  • Derek no other HRdownr adds music like this but you in they’re videos

  • Im eating popcorn 🍿

  • I would’ve solved the puzzles in like 3 min

  • Kfc

  • I have a name for you Pick one Super Sauce Boss Saucy Leader Squirt boss

  • King Of Spreads

  • Chick-fil-A

  • Sause boss

  • Drink cu- Demonitized

  • 420 Mary Jane OG purple kush. Good job Derek

  • Bill Warton= Sauce Boss Derek Gerard=Sauce King

  • chicken tenders with rice and string beans with a little ketchup on the side😌

  • D squad for life

  • Doc.sauce

  • Dipped in milk yes taste so good

  • Oh my God thank you Oreos taste good with milk

  • Cheese

  • 13:27 the timer said 0 ???

  • Young Derek the sause god

  • i’m eating hot cheetos

  • Wow. I can use less than 30 minutes to put together a puzzle with 200 pieces... So 8 minutes, I would probably complete 10 or more of those puzzle you have in the beginning

  • Your grandma

  • Sauce daddy

  • The saucy boss am I right,this is why I don't have friends

  • I'm eating kebab

  • 15:46 I’m dyingggggggg lol

  • weebs watvhing this: SAUC3?

  • Literally Derek says it has been a long time since breakfast but his coffee has been only dranken one quarter