Letting The Number of LIKES Control How Many CALORIES I Eat for 24 HOURS! (FITNESS CHALLENGE)

Datum objavljivanja: 23. Srp 2020.
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In this food challenge video i am letting the number of likes decide how many calories i eat for 24 hours. this calorie fitness challenge is a 24 hour food challenge!
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WAIT A MINUTE... People still read the description?!
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Did derek use keeps on his bald spot?


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    • @Jorge Abram Whoa! Took like 15 mins but it reallyworked!!

    • @C. N'DIAYE what means lalLla

    • Three more likes u til 1000 likes

    • Derek I love you but you don’t even have 2.7 million subs.... 😶🤭

    • @Vanick GM I’m not quite sure, I hope it not true tho

  • I'm think the screamer is a cream slushy from sonic in America

  • Derek. You realise Coke Zero doesn’t have zero calories it means zero sugar

  • WAIT why is derek wearing nail polish at the coffe time

  • At 18:32, Derek literally looks like the freaking devil 😈👿😂

  • Why are dereks nails red

  • True friends stick with each other... even while they’re taking big watery shits

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  • Yeah a screamer. We just calls it a slushbomb

  • I want to get keeps but I'm in Thailand:((

  • Why you got red finger nail s

  • I want more of this!!!!

  • You took that from South Park you are basically Cartman eating all the skin and then you’re like Kyle telling Cartman that he’s a douche

  • Next video Letting HRdownr Subscribers How many calories to eat

  • I've never heard someone say can I get 2 chicken nuggets lol 🤣

  • Who shits with an open door?😂

  • Imagine if he gets Despacito lol

  • 15:55 ya sure

  • Natural flavor is probably meat

  • 20:03 why is that dog chewing dereks penis

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  • translation of the 23 march 1931 thing we are fighting a war where us dying is the only way to win

  • Imagine he got despacito

  • Praise God 🙏🏾

  • I don't know why derek is complaining about 8,000 calories because at least he's not eating the same amount of likes on this video.

  • 8:46

  • My internet is down and i dont have limited internet

  • Btw coke has caffeine

  • Are they both gay or not, I’m being serious like not being mean

  • Did Derek use keeps on his bald spot

  • Your lucky that the mc Donald's employee did not say that there ice cream machine was broken

  • are you gay?

  • When I like and change it to 73k likes I have all the power

  • I've been here since before the first fast food Olympics

  • 3:56

  • Lmao im pooping too

  • When he said he ate all of the skin from the chicken am I the only one who thought of Eric from South Park because of that one episode? 😭😂

  • 12:00 how get dibeates

  • Ewwww

  • Dude you could Have got something better

  • 12:20 i was going to say it then derek said SHUT UP i was like 🤐🤐🤐

  • Ironic that the thumbnail has circle in the name and the thumbnail from Derek has a circle around likes

  • Who is watching this in 2021

  • bro your lucky, Canada never has their McDonalds Ice cream machine broken but us in the US every time we want ice cream its either the damn thing is broken or their out of ice cream.

  • We are fighting a war in which we have to die to win TRANSLATED

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  • It’s so Starbucks it’s Derek’s coffee

  • 22:07 that language is HINDI not PUNJABI and it means "We are fighting a war whose victory is only in our death". Love from India ❤️

  • 18:27 🥲

  • Imagine searching on google hairy milk The FBI: HE KNOWS

  • Why does Derek have painted nails

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  • Why ur nails paints ????

  • Video idea: only eating blended foods for 24 hours

  • 10:26 isn’t that like a South Park episode?


  • Did Derek use keeps on his bald spot

  • Poor doggy

  • 25:09 pause there and there’s a funny face

  • do you know whats on red bull it is bull sperm


  • Letting music videos pick what I eat?

  • 8 2899 8899 199 039093

  • I-

  • Let customers say how much calories you will eat for breakfast lunch and dinner Like so Derek can see it


  • Woah woah did he just put on the screen citric acid was in the coke that’s why dentists don’t won’t u to drink coke

  • You won’t like what 2021 is doing they are teaming

  • Who else watched this multiple times?

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  • does anyone see he. Has nail polish on his nails

  • Why is there a chewing gum at steering wheel

  • 6:34 I screamed literally!!!

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  • He's drinking poop water

  • derek's priceless reaction on that weird 3d character XD: 1:27

  • u should watch the whole bts carpool video it’s so funny

  • Next vid - letting the number of dislikes decided how much calories I should eat for 24 hours

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  • I’m upset it landed on 24 calories

  • Is it me or do u always skip the sponsors? 🤣

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  • Idk if it’s just an American thing, but you could get a jelati from Rita’s, it’s a slurpie with ice cream, I would recommend eating it with a spoon

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  • Since I don't see any other comment on this topic...I gotta do it......*deep breaths * BTS ARMY WHERE YOU AT???!!!!!

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