Only Eating Food That Arrives In 30 MINUTES OR LESS! (IMPOSSIBLE Food Delivery Challenge)

Datum objavljivanja: 25. Svi 2020.
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In this impossible food challenge i am only eating foods that arrive in 30 minutes or less! this delivery food challenge uses uber eats, door dash, skip the dishes, and other food deliveries in this drive thru food challenge!
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WAIT A MINUTE... People still read the description?!
well. if you are reading this... comment down below saying:
30 minutes, 300 minutes, or 3000 minutes... idc im still eating the food.


  • I'm eating... canned apple pie filling. Hahaha xD

  • 30 minutes 300 minutes 3000 minutes idc when the food gets there I'm eating it anyway I'm old 👴

  • 9:09 why is herc smiling so hard

  • I’m eating chicken parmigiana with fries and a coke

  • I am eating a maple bourbon bacon salad

  • currently im eating air

  • Jaz: “Hey we got u a number 5” Me: HILARIOUS

  • star bucks is fucking nasty

  • I’m drinking gfuel

  • 69th DAY? wow

  • who eles turned teir screen upsidedown when he was recording wrong

  • He ate it. ...

  • Bro that drink has alcohol I have drinken it before

  • This sounds like a waste of food.

  • LOVE the content hun, BUT WHY DO YOU TORTURE YOURSELF!!!?!?!?! STAHHHHP.

  • Off brand pizza rolls

  • Chicken and wedges Edit: ketchup and water

  • I'm eating crackers and drinking a protein shake.

  • I’m eating a burger fries and pizza and a hash brown and a pickle with a Taco Bell yummyness

  • The good old days when we still had editor Derek My he Rest In Peace

  • Tbh you pissed everyone off when you flipped the camera

  • I'm eating Nutella Waffles

  • Eating fish fillet and zucchini lol

  • the 69th day of quarantine? sounds pretty funny to me if you know what i mean... 🤔

  • I miss his old advent calendar vids

  • Sour strip candy

  • Im eating chicken

  • Is it bad that I’m 13 and way more than both of you

  • im eating Nutella watching tjis

  • Me: Did my phone glitch because I turned it upside down when he said flip downside Derek: No

  • 12:36 botu bing botu boom

  • i dont know why but i just love derek...

  • 969 dislikes noice 👌

  • Just was crying about McDonald's what a b****

  • Salad and a samich

  • "VERY MUCH A LOT" - Derek Gerard 2020

  • I’m eating some chicken nuggets rn ☺️

  • Bro filmora 9 takes up 50 percent of the fucking screen adobe premire is wayyyyyy better

  • Pancakes

  • Im eating bread and butter

  • Im eating mecican salsa doritos

  • can we talk about how the pizza guy got there in 3 minutes

  • jas looks like don ramon from el chavo del ocho ( spanish show not the cartoon) search it XD

  • Im not eating anything while watching this video

  • nothing :{

  • Somethings sad is that im 14 and i weigh like 185lbs.

  • cheeze-it

  • Eating food in 1 minute for 24 hours

  • I’m eating a chesse stick rn lmao 😂

  • 11:21: why did u use that sound effect???

  • I am currently eating GuM 😅💀

  • Chilli con carni booiiiiiiiiiiiii

  • I’m eating chicken and rice

  • im eating beans while watching this

  • Who tried flipping their phone at 3:25


  • im eating air

  • Patty melt from water burger

  • Hey do you still have that bold spot

  • I'm eating KFC coleslaw.

  • im eating shrimp Alfredo

  • Tell Neela make a new video

  • Make a HRdown channel, I’ve done that

  • 30 minutes, 300 minutes, or 3000 minutes... idc im still eating the food.

  • 30 minutes, 300 minutes, or 3000 minutes... idc im still eating the food.

  • Why not just start the timer when you get to the place

  • Wait dosent someone have to edit editer Derek

  • so they just didnt eat it?? i would have ate the pizza

  • You 👀 like 3moscAqueers

  • Ministrels

  • i haven’t watched ur channel in a while derek ... i’m very happy you made a friend 🙂!

  • Yogurt

  • Im eating, drinking and inhaling *_a i r_*

  • Did anyone notice the Starbucks coffee on the counter that was partially drank at 14:05

  • Grape jolly rancher lol

  • im not eating im drinking hot choclate

  • im eating kfc hotwings with bbq sauce

  • 30 minutes, 300 minutes or 3000 minutes... Idc I'm still eating the food

  • I feel so bad to Herc because Herc always hears Derek's scream/yell all the time.

  • gummys

  • People who think he throws his food in the trash 🤡

  • Eating guys 🍑 for 24 hours

  • Thanks Derek this will help my HRdown

  • I got a grub hub ad in the middle of the video lol

  • Ok but seriously is it just me that Derek Gerard is your actual favorite youtuber

  • Commenting on every video till derek notices

  • 30 minutes, 300 minutes, or 3000 minutes. Idc I’m still eating the food 😌

  • Lemonade

  • pizza so your welcome

  • 11:20 ah yes 69

  • All Cause of jaspauk he missed Mac Donald

  • Pita pizza

  • Omg your westing food

  • Scrambled Eggs and Mushroom, a plate of Labne and a Coffee.

  • I'm eating cookies!

    • Jose Quinones haha yeah i know, i just love rewatching Dereks videos!

    • You are a little late to this video

  • Piiiizzzzaaaa

  • in the start i didint like where you turned the camera upside down it was messing with my eyes im gonna dislike it just this once

  • Is this dude gay

  • Sup bro

  • im eating mac and chees with hotdogs in it