Periodic Table of FOOD Decides What I Eat! (DIY Science Challenge)

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WAIT A MINUTE... People still read the description?!
well. if you are reading this... comment down below saying:
Derpal Reacts is better than this channel...


  • These guys are pretty cute...

  • To many food videos Derek

  • Holy shit fish doesn’t have bones

  • 37 almonds maybe 🤔

  • Bro its already been 3 years wtf

  • Since when did the hot cakes come in the happy meal

  • 100

  • I watched one video of Derek he is my fav now

  • “The only box i want to come in is yours”

  • Nobody: Literally No One: The Thumbnail: HO

  • 49


  • Why does jas look like Freddie Mercury🤣

  • Wendy's is better

  • Can’t stop watching 12:08 😂😂

  • 1k comment.

  • derek is a fruity eggo 😼

  • 69

  • I don't wanna eat a rat 😭 😂 Derek's face tho after he said that 😂

  • The poor people be like: DONT YOU THEREE TRHOW THE WATER

  • 69 almonds

  • First he was a weirdo now he’s an adult Mexican with a mustachios he should a grow a mustang also it’s jazpol

  • Ama move to canada so i can date Derek lol 🥺🥺🥺💔💔💔💔

  • why can i not stop watching these videos it is like a never ending tunnel!!!!

  • I see that Harry styles poster you have there. Great taste I see😏

  • 103 almonds

  • no

  • Yoo Derek can you stop making the same video every week?

  • Derpal reacts is better than this channel

  • What happened to the crooked gold plat

  • idk about u but sardines are good

  • 54 or 56 almonds

  • 84 or 85 if you count the one you ate

  • Vegetarian loving ham just imagine

  • What is caesium supposed to be?

  • Anyone notice that Derek actually ate meat in this video

  • 13:34 what's that McDonald's bag in the background

  • 38

  • You guys should do tic tac toe, where the winner gets to choose what he wants and gets to choose the losers food aswell

  • Derpal reacts is better then this channel...

  • Pls stop premiering all your vids because I don’t like it really I want to see your vids it’s really annoying

  • Remember when Derek wasn’t fat

  • They get more sus by the day....

  • U should do only eating spicy food for 24hours

  • why u got black teeth 5:30

  • derpal reacts is better than this channel.......

  • 🇺🇲 vs 🇨🇦 witch is better?

  • Guys if Derek gets 1 million likes maybe he will finally get a girlfriend

  • New video idea: letting the menus decide what I eat for 24 hours. Like so Derek can see

  • 52 almonds is my guess

  • I really want old Derek where he was funny And cussing to jas pal 😔

  • 47 almonds

  • me 3 years ago : my guy this is some good shit Me coming back for the first time in 3 years : wow , my guy 2M ? why is your forehead bald.

  • when is derek gerard content coming back?

  • I wish Derek can go back to himself in his videos

  • hey bro check on yo sister

  • Make another toy review

  • 500

  • Dereks next video: day in the life of Derek Gerard (vlog)

  • Eh.......Derek kinda fell off...not as funny or entertaining as he used to be...

  • Hello there derek Gerard and jas, i Hope you see my comment, i have been Your fan since 2017 i Believe but you are my ídol i hope you see This sincerely, your biggest fan...Elizabeth #dsquadsince2017 #jbirds

  • Ok the nose ring isn’t it


  • Only OGs know kinder joy 🌚🌚

  • I think Derek is loosing subs

  • 41 almonds

  • New idea Japanese food only for 24 hours

  • Change your hair please

  • Derek can u do a only sea food challenge

  • Derpal reacts is better than this channel...

  • Such a wasted opportunity could have used the attack on titan theme at 5:20

  • This guy fell off. His old videos were 1000x better

  • Dereck when are you going to japan

  • Has Anyone else who haven’t watched their vids in a while come back and want to die because jaspals haircut with the mustache looks stupid

  • I was last watching this in 2019 (2 yrs)

  • Can we talk about Derek eating a ham sandwich but saying is he vegan now

  • Derpal reacts is better than this channel.....

  • yo can u show us u but... on a pole hehe boi.

  • 95 almobds

  • I came here a year later Where’s the bad words?

  • Opa is a common Mediterranean emotional expression. It is frequently used during celebrations such as weddings or traditional dancing. In Greek culture, the expression sometimes accompanies the act of plate smashing. It can also be used to express enthusiasm, shock or surprise, or just after having made a mistake.

  • Wait I thought that Derek was vegetarian in videos? 😬

  • I got hyped when I heard harry from the sidemen

  • No fair! It takes around 6 months to see any hair growth with this curly hair UGH

  • Derek you should eat in alphabetacal order

  • 112 almonds

  • So did you eat ham .. Arent you vegan

  • I like the taste of sardines....

  • Idea:24 Hour Eating Any Food From Restaurants Or Fast Food But You Made Your Own Version Of It

  • 15:52 there are 68.575488455 almonds its probably wrong but i spent like about 15 mins calculating this

  • Ok but I love how derek has a harry styles shirt and the fine lines album on wall

  • I don’t think McDonalds is an element

  • At 21:12 in the video I was laughing and my laugh matched up with dereks.😂


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    • This is definitely a Karen “no video games don’t take the c-vax” definitely a Karen

    • Shut

  • Why does everyone hate sardines so much ?

  • I swear if they arent toghter🙄

  • Feels like I m part of this small Derek and Jaspal's family ❤️

  • Why dont y'all make a letting store brand inployie decide what I eat

  • Do a challenge where you eat sandwiches for 24 hours