Putting EVERYTHING I Eat Through Google Translate 100 Times (Food Challenge)

Datum objavljivanja: 12. Pro 2020.
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WAIT A MINUTE... People still read the description?!
well. if you are reading this... comment down below saying:
I speak ligma



  • I speak English and I little French, (only from cor French tho)

  • I speak arabic english and french

  • I speak ligma (If you are confused look at the disc)

  • Aids

  • I am from romania

  • english and Hebrew

  • I was know indonesian engglish and a bit of madirin

  • Derek stop trying to be emo lol

  • I speak Finnish, Swedish nad English

  • Romaniam language , sorry for late

  • Hungary

  • I speak Spanish, English. Japanese and German.

  • I use vlogit by filmora

  • I speak ligma

  • Aye Romanian im Romanian

  • I know that this video was posted a long time ago, but he should make it to emojis and back

  • Never mix dairy and citrus, instant diarrhea

  • I speak Urdu and I am form Pakistan

  • Mix the fucking ice cream with salad

  • Derek you are looking so nice and healthy!! Proud!!

  • Latvian

  • Excuse me, uhm Lemon Flavor???

  • Romanian f up the dinner

  • Derek: has a black sweater with a *_MCDONALDS LOGO_* Woman: do you work at walmart?

  • I speak GERMANY 🇩🇪

  • I feel so proud being croation right now😌✨

  • I laughed pretty much through the whole video, and it was much needed after everything going on. 😂😅

  • 6:20 I speak Norwegian🥲

  • It really says from croatian to english the first one: Egg and chese, hash brown, coffe and a sandwitch with cetchup

  • arabic

  • I live in Latvia

  • It sais kosovo is Serbia

  • Russan sloveian croatian srbsko englis

  • Traslate eggs and chees cream coffe sendwic with ketchup

  • I speak urdu,english and punjabi

  • English Spanish french

  • Yoo I’m Croatian it says egg and cheese,hash brown, coffee, ketchup sandwich 🤣🤣🤣

  • I speak Farsi and for desert we got frozen miniature spaghetti for breakfast and it smacks😂🤤

  • I appreciate tou so nuch for doing Romania

  • I speak English, Filipino, Spanish and a bit of Arabic. 🤭🙂

  • Hey I'm from India and my language is *KANNADA* 😍

  • your videos became kinda bad every since u hired an editor ngl

  • Croatian translation: Egg and cheese, hash brown (2 seperate words), coffee, sandwich with ketchup

  • What day is your bday..mine is the 12

  • Derek- “I’m half Indian” Also Derek- *can’t pronounce Gujarati, which is in east India...*

  • I am also dutch

  • I speak Persian,French and English

  • Wtf he put that salad ice cream in the toast lol 😂 😂 😂 😂

  • French and English

  • Google translate said wrong the actual translation is : Egg and chees with Ketchup , A Hashbrown and a Coffee

  • Lithuanian,English

  • Hungarian please

  • I can speak spanish, romanian , arabic, english, dutch, french , and brazilian

  • I speak American English, a tiny bit of Spanish and a tiny bit of ASL (American Sign Language).

  • I did that in school also it was always Pizza Hut or hot dogs

  • Arabic

  • English

  • i speak ligondese

  • I am romanian and the fact that each time it was normal blows my mind since google translate always messes up romanian

  • Bruh you really didn't do Arabic like I'm really offended I'm gonna curse you ينءويت7يوت بهنيتنيزي. نبنيزنيني نبوتينز

  • Does he know what the comma's mean

  • Danish

  • Hi

  • English And Portuguese

  • I speak kannada, hindi, English and malayalam

  • Not pokemon cards nxt to him those are yu-gi-oh cards

  • Swedish

  • tis vidio is caaaaaapppppp

  • .... the 2nd meal wasn’t supposed to have cheese and lemon in it ... you where supposed to eat lemon with cheese as one part .... and lettuce and ice cream as another part ... and then the toast

  • I'm from Puerto Rico. And we speak Spanish

  • I was suprised when you said Dutch

  • I speek Bulgarian English and a little bit of German

  • Jaje i sir sa hašh crna kava i sendvič s kečapom

  • I'm from The Netherlands. I speak Dutch, Moroccan dialect and English. How did you not use Dutch to translate😂. I was waiting for it. What a disappointment😭

  • I speak: Spanish Italian English Catalan

  • english i speak english and patois cause im jamaican

  • derik theres baken powder in the pizza dough...

  • Wtf I forgot about you for like 4 years come back and all I can think is wait there's not a toy on fire

  • Hello blue eyes I'm a penguin

  • i bought wondershare filmora because of this video. i already gained 300 subscribers by just making good content. thank you derek

  • Omg, when i saw Croatian i was like: 😯

  • Hindi

  • it says egg and chesse hash brown coffee ketchup sandwitch

  • Ummmmmmmmmm your finger nails are painted

  • Telugu from India

  • In polish it said spicy ice for the dessert

  • Video Idea: Only Eating Candy For 24 Hours

  • I like ur editing better :(

  • Afrikaans

  • I think it might’ve worked out more in his favour is he used full stops for new food instead of commas. Such as the pizza toppings then a full stop then soda etc etc

  • Love from romania derek

  • Derek: I'm addicted to bread Me: Hm, You and LaurenZside would be good friends You both like bread, are youtubers, and you're both pretty funny Who else agrees?

  • I speak Albanian🇦🇱🇦🇱

  • I speak ligma

  • So croatia has like 5 more very simular countrys like serbia so google translated: egg and cheese, hash brown (but the gt transleted like a color brown),coffee, sandwhich with ketchup Love your vids and shoutout from serbia And dont put colors on your nails

  • the languages i speak from the order i learnt them romanian turkish english french spanish polish russian

  • I speak ligma

  • I can speck American

  • meri me bij