Whisper Challenge DECIDES What We Eat for 24 Hours! (FOOD CHALLENGE)

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WAIT A MINUTE... People still read the description?!
well. if you are reading this... comment down below saying:
Herc should play next time!


  • derak sead a coffiee with a coffee with a side of coffee

  • I am fasting for ramadan

  • Hi

  • We’re

  • Opopopq105

  • We’re

  • Rerer ç č pša

  • Herc should play next time!

  • “That’s cheating” 💀

  • Yeah eat hoteggs

  • Who gunna tell jaz pepperoni is cancerous

  • NO WAYY I GOT THE SECOND ONE CORRECT !! Im so proud of myself

  • Derek wins

  • This is my first time watching u guys and U make me laugh and I’m loving ur vids 🖤

  • jas w

  • Derek won definitely!!!

  • Derek is the true winner he gets good food and gets to see jazpaul in pain

  • I love the muted parts for us to guess

  • Derek your top.... I LOVE IT

  • The fact I’m watching this on April fools day 👀

  • “Yeah, but that’s for free!” 😂💀💀

  • Letting google decide what u eat part 2??

  • I’m watching this on April fools😂

  • Ohhhh the intro 🤦‍♂️

  • Sus 😂

  • Why did Mario and Luigi switch hats???

  • Chicken nuggets and sweet and sour sauce from McDonald’s and a hot fudge sundae!! P.S I was right kinda. I didn’t see the 10 part.

  • Omg derek brought back the strategy

  • French toast sticks from burger king with a coffee with cream

  • Herc should play next time

  • I think Derek one

  • I love your vids it makes me laugh all the time I can watch them for hours

  • Bruh the dude in the pink shirt is really bad at this

  • I love how I waited months and months wondering when Derpaul is coming back sheeeeeeeeeeesh!

  • i thot that he side look at the top of your head.

  • i knew actually what derek said on the second ome

  • You guys make my week, no y'all make my whole year. :)

  • i want a hot chocolate from starbucks with...

  • Herc should play next time

  • Derek is so funny he should be a youtuber

  • Herc should play next time!

  • Herc should play next time

  • Blah blah blah coffee with soy milk

  • I loved it when jas got Derek honey mustard with French toast sticks

  • derek : IM A VEGETARIAN I CANT EAT IT! also derek : “i want a 10 piece nugget from mcdonald’s”

  • U lost weight

  • The title or the picture of the video when he says 20 Big Macs that's my heaven

  • ‘You took some of my sundae that’s illegal’ Says the person who sabotaged jazpauls food

  • I wish Quiznos still existed in the states 🥲

  • Herc should play next time

  • I too want a highly spherical chicken baby from the fast food place known as McDonald's

  • I think Derek used Siri when he was on his phone to guess

  • I want French toast sticks from burger king with coffee and cream I didn't get the cream part lol

  • a large fries from mc Donalds with a side orang juice

  • i took right

  • hi

  • 9:17 I think Derek said "Hot chocalate and a banana loaf" lol

  • "YOUR DIPPING EGG IN OJ" Says the guy who dipped french toast sticks in cola and honey mustard

  • #derekcheatedlol if you watch on the last round, he acts like he was typing on his phone, but in reality. He was using the microphone to catch what Jaz was saying lol. just a theory.

  • Susss Daddies 😍❤️

  • Ur channel hasn't grown since I subscribed a year ago What's happening

  • The channel is 10 years old

  • These vids hitting different now

  • i got if right

  • In the second one Derek said I want a hot chocolate from Starbucks with a banana loaf or bread.

  • Lmao jazzpaul looks like a dad

  • i think the first one was chicken nuggets with wostichirerehjhgfdhj sauce

  • Derek you said to jas you need a chocolate chip cookie 🍪 and ice coffee ☕️ with whip cream from Starbucks am I wrong 😑

  • Herc should play sometime I'm just built different by reading the description

  • 1st Derek said French toast with coffee & one cream

  • "Why is it all gray on the bottom" Overcooked egg yolks turn gray.

  • I enjoy watching your videos relaxing after working 10 hrs a day

  • Petetion to derek start editing his own video ( pls i want 2019 derek )

  • We miss editior derek bring him back

  • Derek

  • Letting your editor decide what you eat for 24 hours

  • A medium coffee from Starbucks

  • 9:30 i want a hotchocolate from starbucks with banana bread

  • i remember the first day we got herc, i cant beleive hes so big and fluffy

  • A bigmac from mcdonalds

  • Derek: French Toast sticks from burger king and a coffee with whipped(?)cream? Idk it's just a guess I'm pretty good at reading lips and I love your videos🥰

  • harry styles t-shirt what???

  • do only cooking and eating microwaved meals

  • Derek's first one was French toast sticks from burger King with a coffee and creamer

  • Bro I couldn’t get past 8:12 I kept rewinding I lost my shit💀🤣

  • In your next video you should have a ice coffee and a chipotle burrito because why not

  • Derek won

  • Jas won

  • The honey mustard slaps so hard from bk but not with the French toast sticks that's to much loool

  • love the harry styles shirt!!

  • You guys are SO GAY its hilarious ily

  • Hot chocolate from Starbucks and a lemon loaf

  • I love your videos I would love to see you have Indian food for 24hrs

  • wow he said that nobody eats french toasts sticks but he wont eat two simple eggs like come on!!! eggs are so yummy.

  • Herc should play next!

  • i love how derek still keeps grinding and trying his best

  • I think I won

  • Why does Jaspal’s mustache look fake?

  • Herc should play next time

  • My man is running out of ideas 😔