Who Has The Best VEGETARIAN Fast Food BREAKFAST?! (Fast Food Hacks Challenge)

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In this fast food tier list we are seeing who has the best vegetarian breakfast out of all the fast food places! mcdonalds, burger king, wendys, A&W, subway and startbucks! These fast food hacks challenge is CRAZY!
WAIT A MINUTE... People still read the description?!
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Jaspal being on a diet is as rare as derek getting a haircut


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  • Not to be the nerd but the metophor doesn’t make since cuz u can’t reach the stars it’s impossible lol 😂

  • Technically kissing because of eating the same food

  • 9+7.......16.....omg 🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️

  • 16/10

  • Who makes the thumbnails

  • can you make another "My fans edit my video" video? its really fun!

  • ...16/10..... ok jas lol

  • Challenge:only eat Taco Bell for 24 hours and every meal has to be extra everything and supreme and the drink has to be 4 large baja blasts,(have to have 5 hot sauce packets per meal)

  • I don’t think they know that cheese has milk and vegan is no animal products

  • Real ogs remember 24 hours in my friends house

  • They already failed at the beginning with the EGG mcgriddle

  • Eating Kids meal for 24 hours

  • Derek says the hash brown is delicious and then says he hates it

  • Should've ordered the same type of meal from all fast food places to compare better

  • Is nobody going to say anything about how he says the best vegetarian food but in the thumbnail says 100% vegan😂😂

  • Derek deserves a milliontrilliongudzillopnbillionfrilliongzshazillon LIKES on every single one of his videos😌

  • egg isnt vegitariannn

  • ………interesting

  • what is with dereks hair AJBKSKJH

  • do a vegan food challenge

  • Hello

  • in start of video the egg on the sandwich is not vegan egg is not vegan


  • it funny i have not watch you guy in a long time and you and jas are still the same but i still sub

  • don,t let jas pal do this again because he will just give mcdonald's a 10 out of 10 ALL OF THE TIME

  • I love his videos 📹

  • The thumbnail is wrong cause eggs are not vegan. Its a difference between vegan and vegetarian. Its all good tho lmao

  • its crazy how jaspals hairs looks cool now and dereks hair is ... diffrent

  • Omg Becky

  • Just watch 10:20 to 10:40

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  • #theveganteacher is gonna be realy exited prob but im kinda sad bc #theveganteacher is realy s**t :(

  • Is Derek gay I'm just asking like his nails are painted pink Is it a joke? Is there like a joke I'm not getting

  • I miss the old Derek what happened dude Remember when you were burning Toy animals🐮 And being funny as hell😆 What happened what are these damn receipt💢 videos and dumb s***

  • Didn't he just say he was vegan * him eating a egg * umm HUH!? 👁️👄👁️

  • Coronavirus got nothing on this duo

  • Drinks

  • FunFact:Most ppl are commenting while watching the video.

  • Yo Derek I think it’s time for a haircut

  • I miss editor dereck

  • your kinda dying my friend 13k likes 200k views in 3 weeks you have 2m subs whats going on???

  • 0:00 he scared me

  • @Derek Gerard looks like a pineapple

  • Derrick are you gay? It will not affect my watching I just have been watching for a year but I never asked

  • You should go through all you food videos an get every food item including drinks from them all and out it all into one video an finnish it all under a certain amount of time. (This also includes weird food combos, basically any an everything u ate)

  • Derek pls respond what with the girl hand moves

  • Challenge eat Jazpal ;)

  • I only realized halfway through the video that the analyzing taste part of every single one had the Medbay scan sound effects in among us. just me?

  • Bro deadass Derek is mad handsome (I’ve been subscribed too you for like a year)

  • Batters have eggs to make them and hashbrown is coated with batter

  • Nahhh this is dereks dream day. This is not a challenge ahhaha

  • Burger King has the impossible sausage. My favorite is the beyond sausage at dunks

  • next time just dont go to mcdicks

  • Derrk became a karen


  • It’s egg in the Mac griddle egg is not vegetarian

  • Derek lookin gay

  • 8:59 "Who is gonna say they don't like it and then eat most of it?" Derek at 7:37


  • Challenge: edit your own video for a day

  • Why didn’t you get a beyond meat burger they’re way better from A&W

  • I love your new bun derek❤️

  • “%100 vegetarian” Me: “ *confused if vegan and vegetarian is the same thing* “

  • Boi you forgot the Veggie Egg White omelet at Dunkin!! I’m not even vegetarian and that’s the only food I eat from there (drinks are another story)... they use REAL white cheddar also 😭

  • mcgriddles are removed from ontarios menu its so sad cause that was my favourite breakfast

  • john paul looks like skeppy

  • bruh you want hot syrup

  • Why do people not notice the bacon egg. And cheese mcgriddles

  • Love this video, merry Christmas!! Keep up the great work💕💕

  • Best ice-cream from fast food restaurants

  • Hi

  • Compare signature sauces for each fast food restaurant

  • [NEW VID IDEA] Letting twitch streamers decide what I eat for 24 hours.

  • does he say mickdonalds instead of macdonalds

  • Can you survive 24 hours a place no laws

  • What the fuck is on Derek's Head???

  • Merry Christmas

  • I hate how this channel is just eating. I remember when they stayed in a fort for 24hrs and when they bought random stuff from Amazon

  • Me still waiting for Derek's coffee to come out

  • Please please edit your own vids it doesnt feel the same

  • derek in one video u said you would stay in your car for a week in u got 100k likes and you go 143k like sooooo......

  • Bring back Christmas advent calendar

  • i kinda miss his older vids, making a slime pool, doing toy ''reviews'', all that good stuff

  • Hey Derek you should do this challenge, only eating foods you hate for 24 hours

  • Is anyone gunna talk about how the original herk died because when he first showed his dog it was black and white now it’s randomly all white ?

  • I miss the old Kanye

  • Three words Derek. Polly the parrot

  • the backround music was from pokemon

  • Please... could you go back to toys for a while? I'd love to see a large toy/model car massacre!!

  • 8:21 blackflip😂

  • 8:22 I can do a black flip

  • 0:31 among us medbay scan

  • Dude this dude is getting boring

  • U should put the sauce on the hash brown

  • I love ur videos

  • Remember when this dude used to make good videos now he does shitty food videos thank God I unsubscribe from him three years ago

  • The fuck is that hair

  • I’ve been gone for a couple of days I have a lot of questions on what happened while while I was gone but the first days what the fuck is up with Derek’s hair

  • I hate that the new editor cuts out the eating and the parts he didn’t cut out has the analising taste thing over it